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2017 Christmas Meeting 2017 Christmas Meeting Bill Feb 204716471 Choosing a gift. 204716472 Group shot. 204716473 Another group shot. 204716474 Still another group shot. 204716475 Davy and Janet 204716476 Yet another group shot. 204716477 Jeannie with Santa 204716478 New Prez Josephine & Outgoing Prez Estes 204716479 Phil and Santa 204716480 Mel, Mary, and Wayne 204716481 Mel with special Christmas hat 204716482 Toys for Tots 204716483 Randy and Bill: Co-Chairs for 2018 show. 204716484 Wayne and James C. 204716485 John wins a Silver Eagle. 204716486 Phil: Another winner! 204716487